Economic Empowerment:

IFOCORD promotes training programmes on skill development implemented, to help improve the employability of the working population including school drop-outs, semi-skilled and un-skilled workers. These programmes include:- Vocational training (Tailoring, Catering, and Saloon, motorcycle repairs and motor mechanics). Support to the youth with start up kits Establishment of apprenticeship centres •Support to the young people to start small scale business enterprises.


IFOCORD undertakes interventions in agriculture and livestock management. Such interventions have been designed to improve efficiency in production systems, lower input costs, increase per capita output, and improve food and nutritional security at household level.

Maternal and child health

IFOCORD promotes community based safe motherhood initiatives and strengthen the capacity of communities to demand for services and accountability from Maternal and Child Health duty bearers.

Livelihoods and Youth Economic Empowerment

IFOCORD aims to contribute to the wellbeing of young people including the OVCs through improving nutrition and food security, enterprise development that enable young people to either start own enterprises or get employment.


We will not stop until they have the life they deserve with dignity, Ifocord Uganda is dedicated to improving the lives of child mothers, the vulnerable children and their families.