Research Agenda

Research Agenda

IFOCORD’s research mission is to respond to the needs of society through research and outreach activities.


IFOCORD Research activities aims at providing vital analysed information/data which can effectively inform public policy for development purposes on one hand and on the other that can generate debate on developmental issues among policy makers and scholars.


  • Social Research surveys and analysis particularly in Education, Health, Information and communication technology, forced migration, natural resources, environment, resettlement, Socio-economic policies, decentralisation and community development generally.
  • Strategic Planning for organisations
  • Grant development and Evaluation Research
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Assessments of on-going projects and end of term
  • Enhance and update Institutional data base periodically specifically on health and education. eg variables such as immunisation uptake, effect of the uncommunicable diseases, nutritional uptake by children below the age of 5 years, enrolment and school dropout rates of girl child in selected districts etc.
  • Train Research assistants in developing research protocols, data collection, analysis and dissemination of results.


Our Research activities largely involves participatory approaches though quantitative methods are handy to arrive at the quantities. Hence both Qualitative and quantitative methods are used to conduct the research. We also honour and make use of earlier studies by other researchers through documentary review. Therefore, all study designs are applicable given the type of research topic and urgency of the study. Also use of digital mediums of data collection and analysis is applied.


  • Users of research results such as local and national policy makers, Development partners, International agencies and organisations, and for IFOCORD projects.
  • Those developing research careers